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February 20, 2004


city of phoenix

hey... the phoenix area and the city itself a wicked; i encourage you to visit it.

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Another thing I must point out is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong.

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I am very concerned about a guy who claims to be a consumer watchdog. But who watches the watchdog?
At least one site exposes the truth behind self styled consumer watchdog, Ed Magedson, to reveal his true interest lies in increasing his own bank account. This unscrupulous criminal uses his bully pulpit to issue outright threats to coerce legitimate business owners to pay-up for a favorable report. You can see all the evidence and decide the truth for yourself.

I have been reading various threads on the different forums regarding this guy, Ed Magedeson, and have a hard time understanding why anyone would defend him and am puzzled by their position. My gawd, there is a plethora of evidence indicating this guy is less than a stellar citizen. On the contrary, he is the poster child for self aggrandizement and the purveyor of self enrichment at the expense of ethics and truth. 

First of all, he has judgments against him. This is money he legally owes to people and refuses, with impunity, to pay. If he owed YOU money due to a judicial rendering I am sure you would be clamoring for your due. It is also apparent from the available information, from reliable sources, that he associates with known criminal elements. This, in conjunction with his undisclosed business location and refusal to allow posting of opinions contrary to his own or to allow business owners to post in defense of their business practices leads me to give greater credence to the accusations by those whom he attacks.

So, in closing, let me reiterate: I wonder how anyone can continue to defend this man and his company. For more information a company has set up a site to try and counter some of the false accusations and manufactured complaints.


Oh my God...I have been so wrong. I am so ashamed of myself.

Ed Magedeson I want to take this opportunity to formally apologize to you for misrepresenting your company and slandering your good name all over the internet. I have been acting like a fool and I am so, so sorry for my actions and for any harm that my actions may have caused you.

Since I have begun my online rampage to blindly discredit you I have been informed by the mass amount of hate mail that I receive at this Yahoo account that performs a great service to so many people who have been wronged by companies and unfair employers all over this country.

Your good work is serving so many people and communities to get the word out so that other people won't fall into these unscrupulous companies traps and be able to add them to their collections of ripp off victims.

Ed I bow to you, hat in hand. Please Sir, please accept my humble apologies for
the many wrongs that I have done to you.

Bless you Sir and the good work that you are doing.



So Swan, sharkie, purloined piggy, fin swimmer, chad, ryan, Swan Flies, etc. (But not Steve Miller, that's for sure.) How does it feel to be the hydrant all of the time?

This is regarding you going all over the internet posting crap about Ed Magedeson on every free forum and blog that you can find. I've found you on gardening sites, dog grooming sites, womens poetry sites, insurance complaint sites, your behavior and language smacks of Steve Miller.

What you don't know here Swan, sharkie, purloined piggy, fin swimmer, chad, ryan, Swan Flies, etc. is that if what you say is true and probably there is at least some truth to your garble then I would be inclined to agree with you about Ed.

The only dealings with Ed that I've ever had is when I posted a rip off about some scumbag company that stole $20.00 from me on ROR. I've never met him or spoken to him. I'm not in his corner at all.

My posts to you are nothing but calling you out to be the fool that you are. It's a joke and nothing more than that. Surely you must be used to people playing with you as I'm sure that this is how you conduct yourself in real life.

Honestly Sharkie...look at what you are doing. It takes hours to post all of those posts. Get a grip. Your behavior and language is pure Steve Miller.....


To anyone who may be following this thread:

This character that calls himself swan flies or sharkie just might be Steve Miller the president of Federated Financial Counseling Services.

This is why I think this is so...I personally know Miller and he is a distinct personality. Sharkies posts are all over the internet, he posts as sharkie, sharkie2, sharkie bites, purloined piggy, fin swimmer, swan flies, swan, chad, ryan, ED, ed magedeson, among other screen names. His language and writing style is just like Millers and his obvious obsession and compulsion to spend hour upon hour posting the same cut and paste drivel on every website forum and blog that he can find fits right in with something characteristic of Millers personality.

Miller is very angry with Ed Magedeson the owner of because of NUMEROUS posts on his site complaining about Federated Financials conduct from both clients and ex-employees. Miller has gone so far as to put up several hate websites regarding Ed Magedesons character sighting law enforcement records from the early 70s. (Who cares?!!!)

I have found many posts on various forums that were obviously posted by ex-Federated Financial employees and all of the information that you see there is true. These people have posted on numerous websites as well and anywhere that you see information like this on a forum you will then see Sharkie as the very next post tearing Ed Magedeson down. For some terrific examples of these ex-emplyees postings go to or At scam type in Ed Magedeson.

If you are interested in what I'm saying and you would like to see proof of what I'm speaking about all that you need to do is go to any search engine and type in Ed Magedeson or Ed Magdeson and you will find HUNDREDS of posts from Sharkie or one of his many identities. You will find this guy on any free forum or blog that he can find, everything from womens poetry sites, dog grooming sites, insurance complaint sites and even gardening sites. His behavior is both excessive and bizarre.

One thing that you will not find is Sharkie posting on rip off report at the Federated Financial thread...hmmm. This could be because the Federated Financial thread won't accept posts from Steve Miller. I read somewhere that, that was because of death threats or something, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that Sharkie and his other screen names are not allowed to post there. FACT.

In conclusion I would like to say this...Sharkie needs his little hiney spanked.


Just for the record...I have received serious entertainment from calling this sharkie person out to be the crazy person that he is. Sharkie takes the bait every time and yes I do think he's Miller. I could be wrong but I really don't think so.

Regarding Ed Magedeson...I don't know him and I never will. I don't want to know him either after reading some new information that I found from a source that I respect he seems to be like any other make a fast buck at other peoples expense creep just like Steve Miller!

Two peas in a pod. Two little children who can't play nice together, two bad guys trying to make the other look worse...booring!

You need to know sharkie that I have never taken you seriously, not ever. I've been bustin on ya! You are obviously a little nuts and as I said this has been great fun.

Neither Steve Miller, (sharkie) or Ed Magedeson are worth anyones time or energy. Think about it people, what do either of them contribute to society? Do they help people at all, other than themselves of course. It looks to me like once upon a time they both had a good idea for a business and because of greed, insanity and a total lack of respect for others they all fell down....crashing down. Now they are both in trouble and they both continue to pick at each other trying to make the trouble worse until one day it will all come to a serious head and will then have to be dealt with. That's what happens when you take your battles to judges, the point of no return is passed. Why would anyone really want to go there with garbage like this, especially if you already have the courts attention in other areas for being dishonest? CRAZY!!!

OK...that's all folks.




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La scoperta della droga è avvenuta per caso. L'immigrata, giunta a Verona da Milano e diretta a Caserta, non aveva acquistato il biglietto. Così è scesa dal convoglio chiedendo a una passeggera che si trovava con lei nello scompartimento di badare per qualche minuto al bambino. Preso il ticket, la nigeriana è corsa velocemente al treno, ma ha sbagliato convoglio prendendo quello diretto a Trento che è partito subito senza darle il tempo di scendere.

Nel frattempo la passeggera, non vedendo più la madre del piccolo, ha chiamato il capotreno e questo la polizia. Gli agenti hanno così preso in carico il bambino portandolo negli uffici dove, poco dopo, è giunta la telefonata della donna che chiedeva il loro aiuto. Rassicurata la donna, un agente ha badato al piccolo e cercando nella culla il biberon ha trovato tra i pannolini un sacchetto con un chilo di cocaina. Quando un'ora dopo la madre del piccolo è tornata in stazione con un un altro treno, la gioia di riabbracciare il figlio è stata spenta dal suo arresto.


MF3 (ovvero Midi File-Layer3) è un formato musicale Midi compresso tale da poter essere scaricato o trasmesso velocemente via Internet. Questa compressione, che non comporta alcuna conseguenza in termini di qualità del suono percepibile dall'orecchio umano, si ottiene sfruttando un algoritmo proprietario ideato da M-Live. Tale fattore di compressione sfrutta in parte la ridondanza informativa dei dati, ma soprattutto le teorie della psicoacustica. In pratica, per Midi File particolarmente complessi, si può arrivare ad una compressione pari a circa il 70% delle dimensioni originali.

Per i network peer to peer sembra esser giunto il momento di rinnovarsi e smettere così di essere gli intermediari per lo smercio e lo scambio non autorizzato di materiale protetto da copyright. In caso i rispettivi responsabili non accetteranno le nuove regole i vari sistemi saranno resi inoffensivi. La Viralg Oy, infatti, una software house finlandese, ha annunciato di aver ultimato un nuovo applicativo in grado di "bloccare" il file-sharing di materiale protetto.
Il programma, che di certo farà la felicità delle case discografiche, cinematografiche e degli sviluppatori di software per Pc, va incorporato in un video digitale, brano musicale o software per computer e poi inserito nel circuito delle reti P2P. Secondo quanto dichiarato dalla compagnia finlandese, inoltre, e qui si evince quale sia il pericolo per i sistemi di file sharing, la nuova tecnologia può anche distruggere i file già in condivisione sui networ peer to peer.



As credit card bills begin to stuff our mailboxes, many consumers are faced with the hard reality that they went overboard with their holiday shopping. And for those who don't pay the balance due in full, you'll also wind up paying interest charges. For some people this can be the beginning of the end as they can't see a way to manage the burden of their credit card and other debts.

"Wipe the slate clean", "escape the pressure of credit card debt", "call our bankruptcy hotline for an easy way out" the bankruptcy lawyers proclaim in their slick television commercials. Last year 1.6 million people filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Is bankruptcy the right answer for your debt problems? Make sure you have the facts before making a decision that has lingering effects.


A couple of months ago, I bought the domain just because I loved the series RahXephon so much. Maybe it was a bit extreme, especially considering that I haven't even seen the entire series at the time, but I don't think I've ever been as serious or nutso about a hobby as I have been about anime. Hi, I'm Reika. Or, if you want the name my parents gave me, it's Anna. I'm a twenty-four year old Asian femme living in New York. I'm a self-professed anime fangirl.


In my opinion, the most unique show of the year, and definitely the best comedy. Ranging from outright hilarious to bizarre to sublime, Azumanga was quite a fun ride. Interesting characters, perfect comedic timing, and a never-ending supply of energy made practically every episode a treat, from start to finish. And then there's the poor, clueless, absolutely priceless Osaka...

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