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October 27, 2003



I had a problem with one CC co and the interest was jacked up to 24.99%.
This was from paying the balances through online banking where the Co said they did not receive payments.
It is a game the credit companies do to raise the interest rates.
I found your site by putting in Keyword: DEBT.
So I would like to know, in your expertise, what is the best remedy to settle the dispute.
Or can anyone else offer advice -- any advice would be greatly appreciated.


It's always best to get everything in writing. If the online end of a bank received a payment but the company is not giving you credit for timeliness, there is a discrepancy. This is when having written confirmation (that reveals the date and time you pay) is critical.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the credit card companies play a game, but you have to remember their job is to make a profit. The higher your interest rate, the more profitable a client you are. I would suggest negotiating a lower rate with this company. If they won't work with you on a better rate, I'd start shopping for a better credit card company.

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